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A new source of cannabinoid biosynthesis

16 August, 2022

Yeda spinoff, Xinteza API, has recently revealed a new source of cannabinoid biosynthesis that does not involve cannabinoids or cannabis. This breakthrough was discovered in research led by Professor Asaph Aharoni, Scientific Co-Founder of Xinteza and Head of the Weizmann Institute of Science Plant Metabolics Lab as well as Head of Weizmann’s Plant and Environmental Sciences Department.

“This discovery is a major milestone in the path to uncover and exploit rare and new cannabinoid molecules with potentially novel pharmacological activities”, says Aharoni.

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המייסדים של לייטסולבר רוצים לפתח את המחשב המהיר בעולם (ובינתיים הולך להם לא רע)

16 August, 2022

ד"ר רותי בן שלומי וד"ר חן טרדונסקי עבדו באותו המסדרון במכון ויצמן והתעניינו באותה בעיה עד שהחליטו לשלב כוחות ולבנות מחשב על: "לייטסולבר" הוא מחשב אופטי מבוסס קרני לייזר והוא יכול לתרום לפתרון בעיות מסובכות בלוגיסטיקה, רפואה, בטחון ועוד. בן שלומי: "אנחנו לא המחשב האופטי הראשון בעולם אבל בכל המתחרים יש אלקטרוניקה, והיא הופכת לצוואר הבקבוק"

LightSolver is a spinoff of Yeda from the Weizmann Institute of Science


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The scientist who created a mouse - Podcast

10 August, 2022

The Weizmann Institute managed to create a mouse embryo without fertilization and outside the uterus by challenging one of the most basic conditions of life. Hopefully, this breakthrough will open up a world of possibilities, from fertility problems to organs available for transplantation in the near future. Prof. Yaakov Hanna of the Weizmann Institute is our guest

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A seed investment has been made in ClimateCrop - photosynthesis enhancement Ltd, a spinoff from Yeda

10 August, 2022

A seed investment has been made in ClimateCrop - photosynthesis enhancement Ltd, a spinoff from Yeda, using state-of-the-art gene editing techniques to improve plant growth efficiency.

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Yeda spinoff company leveraging breakthrough stem cell technologies

08 August, 2022

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Renewal Bio, a Yeda spinoff company leveraging breakthrough stem cell technologies from Prof. Jacob Hanna's lab, to drive therapeutic advancements in genetic diseases, infertility, longevity and other disease areas.

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Climate Crop is a Yeda Spinoff

08 August, 2022

These are the spinouts that caught our eye over the past month. Here's why they should be on your radar, too.

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Scan, save and share the most precious photos and memories

01 August, 2022

Photomyne Ltd. is a Yeda - Technology Transfer Company of Weizmann Institute of Science portfolio company that leverages AI technology to empower families worldwide to scan, save and share their most precious photos and memories.

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Next-generation technologies will be based on smell

25 July, 2022

Scientists and entrepreneurs are increasingly turning to scent to help detect disease, boost memory, entertain, and protect people from food allergies.

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Today Yeda's Team had the pleasure to visit the INCPM center

25 July, 2022

The Nancy and Stephen Grand Israel National Center for Personalized Medicine at the Weizmann Institute is an advanced research facility that strives to promote the field of personalized medicine by providing Israeli academic, medical and biomedical industry researchers with access to state-of-the-art Genomics, Bioinformatics, Proteomics, High Throughput Screening and Medicinal Chemistry.

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A brilliant solution has been developed by Weizmann Institute of Science professor, Yonina Eldar

21 July, 2022

A brilliant solution has been developed by Weizmann Institute of Science professor, Yonina Eldar, and her team for Ultrasound Localization Microscopy (ULM) to aid in the early detection of microvascular changes, signaling diseases such as malignant tumors, inflammatory diseases, as well as myocardial and brain disorders.

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Phytolon, is emerging as an important player in the food dye market

20 July, 2022

Phytolon’s proprietary technology provides healthy, efficient, and sustainable natural food-coloring alternatives to azo/synthetic dyes used in food and beverages.

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In a major advance for IBD sufferers, Yeda spinoff BiomX Inc is now collaborating with Boehringer Ingelheim

10 July, 2022

Boehringer Ingelheim and BiomX Collaborate to Discover Inflammatory Bowel Disease Microbiome Biomarkers

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YEDA Newsletter // June 202

05 July, 2022

In the first half of 2022, Yeda has commercialized technologies from a broad range of disciplines at the Weizmann Institute, by partnering with existing companies as well as newly-established startups.

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Quantum Source Goes Out of Stealth to Enable Useful Photonic Quantum Computers with Millions of Qubits

03 July, 2022

Three serial entrepreneurs and a leading Professor from the Weizmann Institute of Science join forces to establish Quantum Source and actualize a breakthrough technology that will enable photonic quantum computers that are 50,000x more efficient than state-of-the-art implementations.


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Yeda Subsidiary Start-Ups Make Headlines Worldwide

24 May, 2022

Yeda spinoffs operate in a wide range of fields, from agriculture and plant genetics to diagnostics, nanotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Their activities, research and collaborations are often covered by the local and global press. The following is a small sample of publications that have recently featured innovative Yeda start-ups that leverage knowledge and technologies developed by the Weizmann Institute of Science.

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Yeda @ Bio 2022

03 May, 2022

Yeda is Coming to #BIO2022!

Come and meet Yeda at the upcoming BIO International Convention in San Diego! Elik Chapnik and Yael Klionsky will be presenting a wide range of our biopharma and diagnostic technologies.


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Lysogene Enters into an Exclusive Worldwide License Agreement with Yeda

12 April, 2022

Lysogene announced today that it has exercised its option to enter into an exclusive worldwide license agreement with Yeda Research and Development Co Ltd, the commercial arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science, for the development and commercialization of a gene therapy candidate for the treatment of neuronopathic Gaucher disease and Parkinson disease (PD) with GBA1 mutations.

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Without Fasting and Anesthesia: The Non-Invasive Test that May Replace Colonoscopy (Hebrew)

08 February, 2022

The Weizmann Institute, in collaboration with Sheba Hospital, has developed a method that will allow a friendlier alternative to the invasive test: the detection of intestinal infections using cells that fall out of the intestinal mucosa and are excreted in the feces. Aside from the ability to diagnose Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis, the new method may also allow for customized treatments depending on the nature of the inflammation

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Viruses in Service of Man - Fight Against Bacterial Diseases in Agriculture (Hebrew)

08 February, 2022

Citrus fruits, delicious, healthy and full of Zionism, but also exposed to many hazards

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Monte Rosa Therapeutics and Yeda Announce Collaboration

25 January, 2022

Monte Rosa Therapeutics and Yeda, the commercial arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science, Announce License and Research Collaboration to Accelerate Discovery of Novel Covalent Molecular Glue Degraders


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Impact NRS create Plantea Bioscience

04 August, 2021

The new company will be called Plantea Bioscience, and the researchers participating in the project are Prof. Sarel-Yaakov Fleischman from the Department of Biomolecular Sciences; Prof. Asaph Aharoni, Head of the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences at the Institute; And Prof. Avraham A. Levy, Dean of the Faculty of Biochemistry at the Institute. Dr. Yaarit Weinberg, VP of the Impact NRS Group and the Company's Chief Operating Officer, will also be part of the team.

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Yeda - Where Science Means Business

10 May, 2021

Over the past 6 months, approx. 800 followers have joined the page every month (see below). As of May 2021, the page has close to 5,500 followers, a majority of which hail from Israel and the United States. 28% of followers specialize in business development, while 13% are researchers. 29% hold senior-level positions in their respective organizations. This feat is even more impressive when examined from a business-size perspective. Out of 78,000 Israeli companies with a presence on LinkedIn, only 332 have over 5,000 followers.

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Treating Chronic Diseases and Cancer

27 April, 2021

BiomX: Rapidly Advancing Phage Therapeutics With Multiple Upcoming Catalysts. Yeda has licensed to BiomX a patent family with claims relating to "pharmaceutical composition and formulations, combinations of bacteriophage useful to treat acne, methods of use for these bacteriophage combinations, and methods of identifying patients who will respond to these bacteriophage combinations."

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Hunger Switch in the Brain

20 April, 2021

he Hunger Games: Uncovering the Secret of the Hunger Switch in the Brain. Why are some people always hungry, no matter how much they eat? Hadar Israeli, Dr. Moran Shalev-Benami and Dr. Oksana Degtjarik from the Weizmann Institute of Science's Chemical and Structural Biology Department have uncovered how the brain's master switch for hunger actually works. 

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Inspired by Cartilage - Liposphere

24 March, 2021

The clever addition of lipids to water-based hydrogels makes them excellent lubricants for biomedical uses. What copes with heavy pressure and exists in a state of constant friction, decade after decade, yet barely gets worn down? The answer is the cartilage padding our joints – actually a marvelous system that both absorbs shocks and lubricates the joints, allowing bones to slide easily against one another.

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An interview with Yeda's CEO

08 March, 2021

An interview with the CEO of Yeda, Dr. Opher Shapira, who took office in the midst of a pandemic and radical changes in the global economy

“The pioneering idea of Yeda Research and Development – to commercialize the ideas of the Institute’s scientists – was groundbreaking at the time, and it has proven itself over the years. Its major successes in pharmaceuticals have been impressive, but the world outside the academic one has changed greatly. That is why the Yeda model also needs to be updated.”

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Planting Seeds for Better Nutrition and Sustainability

10 January, 2021

The new partnership between Impact NRS LLC, a leading company operating in the field of health, wellness and sustainable development innovation, and YEDA, the commercial arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science, has led to the establishment of Plantae Biosciences LTD, a company dedicated to developing food technology solutions that are geared to impact global nutrition and environmental security.

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Top Influencers of Maariv - 25th Place

03 January, 2021

Top Influencers of Maariv - 25th Place (Hebrew)

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A groundbreaking antibody treatment for Alzheimer’s disease

06 October, 2020

A groundbreaking antibody treatment for Alzheimer’s disease developed by an Israeli scientist is currently headed toward a Phase I clinical trial. If successful, the treatment could become a game-changer for the disorder, modifying its course and preventing its progression.

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Israeli natural food coloring co Phytolon raises $4.1m

16 September, 2020

Israeli natural food coloring developer Phytolon has announced that it has completed a $4.1 million financing round led by Millennium Food-Tech with the participation of Consensus Business Group (CBG) Fund, Trendlines Group, EIT-Food (the EU body responsible for food-tech initiatives), and former Elbit Systems CEO Yossi Ackerman. Phytolon's development is patent protected and belongs to Yeda, the technology transfer company of the Weizmann Institute of Science, which has granted Phytolon an exclusive license.

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Greener Farming - EcoPhage

08 September, 2020

As the new CEO of EcoPhage, Orly Savion is writing a new and exciting chapter in her already-impressive professional career. She is also continuing her strong affiliation with the Weizmann Institute of Science and YEDA, the Institute's commercialization arm.

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Potential Heart-Repair Protein Advances to a New Stage

01 September, 2020

Pre-clinical studies suggest a protein, Agrin, could limit scarring and promote natural repair mechanisms after a heart attack

“The road from basic research to the clinic is long and often bumpy, so our study in pigs provides a critical step in this direction,” Tzahor says. This study was made possible, in part, by a new program that aims to bridge the gap between promising basic science breakthroughs at the Institute and commercial application. Called IDEA (Innovation, Development, Enhancement and Acceleration), it is an initiative of Yeda, Weizmann’s technology transfer arm.

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A New Method for Seeing into Cells

18 August, 2020

Internal Differences: A New Method for Seeing into Cells

The new technology may help answer outstanding questions about the immune system, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and more.

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Weizmann Institute’s new technology may help treat cancer

14 August, 2020

The Weizmann scientists used their technology to address issues that have challenged researchers for years: the failure of the immune system to recognize and kill cancer cells and the failure of immunotherapy in treating most classifications of tumors.The group’s next step is to develop immunotherapy treatment using specific antibodies for clinical use and Amit is currently working with Yeda Research and Development - the technology transfer arm of the Weizmann Institute - to do so.

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COVID-19 Supports Agrifood Startups

13 August, 2020

Phytolon has been selected by EIT Food to receive a share of €5.4 million in new funding.

The COVID-19 Bridge Fund supports #agrifood #startups at the forefront of European food innovation

Read more about the announcement here:

Phytolon (€393.6K, IL) uses an environmentally friendly fermentation-based technology to produce natural food colours that are GMO-free, high-quality and sustainable

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Personalized Nutrition - DayTwo

14 July, 2020

DayTwo is a start-up that provides personalized nutrition recommendations, which help balance individual blood sugar levels. In the following article, DayTwo Co-Founder and CEO Lihi Segal discusses the importance of health-tech and how the company copes with the current pandemic crisis. She also recalls meeting Weizmann Institute researchers Prof. Eran Segal and Prof. Eran Elinav – whose groundbreaking research serves as the company's IP backbone – and talks about how the successful collaboration between industry and academic research has generated a sustainable win-win scenario.  

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Lysogene, Weizmann Institute Team Up on Gene Therapy for Neuronopathic Gaucher

06 July, 2020

Lysogene has entered into a collaborative research agreement with Yeda Research and Development, a commercial branch of the Weizmann Institute of Science, to develop a gene therapy for neuronopathic Gaucher disease that affects the brain and spinal cord, the biopharmaceutical company announced.

The therapy also will be investigated as a treatment for Parkinson’s disease and other disorders caused by mutations in the GBA gene.

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Weizmann - Top 25 Universities

10 June, 2020

Weizmann Institute Recognized for High Performance by U-Multirank

U-Multirank, a leading European initiative that ranks universities worldwide based on a number of key performance parameters, has recognized the Weizmann Institute of Science as a 'Global Top-25 performer' in 2019, in two key categories: Top cited publications and the number of patents awarded. According to U-Multirank, the Weizmann Institute of Science is one of the top 25 universities in the world in both categories.

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Breaking New Ground in Head Injury Treatment

23 April, 2020

Prof Alon Harmelin and Dr. Slava Kalchenko, two Weizmann Institute scientists, developed TOVA – a innovative imaging system that can diagnose and monitor subdural hematomas frequently caused by head injuries. TOVA is a lightweight wearable headgear that connects to a mobile device, which will allow physicians to monitor their patients' conditions from afar. TOVA's groundbreaking technology includes infrared light and radiofrequency signals, coupled with a unique algorithm that was developed using an AI machine learning method. Together with neurologist Dr.

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COVID-19 Research Cooperation

22 April, 2020

The Weizmann Institute and the Institute for Biological Research join hands to advance COVID-19 research.

The Coronavirus pandemic has prompted relevant responses from organizations from countless market and industry sectors – including scientific research institutions.

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Weizmann Race for COVID 19 Drug

19 April, 2020

המרוץ אחר התרופה לקורונה: הצצה נדירה למעבדות של מכון וייצמן

מאז פרוץ מגפת הקורונה במכון ויצמן שברחובות מתנהלת מלחמה נגד הנגיף, במטרה למצוא כמה שיותר מהר חיסון או תרופה שתחזיר לציבור את החיים שהיו לפני המחלה. פגשנו שני פרופסורים מומחים, כל אחד בתחומו, שמספרים על תנאים לא קלים, חוסר בתקציב – אבל גם על פיתוחים משמעותיים שעד כה השיגו

תוצאות חיוביות.

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Stem Cells Provide COVID-19 Relief

05 April, 2020

A Stem of Support: PLX Stem Cells Provide COVID-19 Relief

Pluristem was founded in 2001 by Shai Meretzki of the Technion, who made use of a stem cell patent which was developed during his Ph.D studies, under the supervision of Dr. Shosh Merchav, together with Professors Dov Zipori and Avinoam Kadouri from the Weizmann Institute of Science

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Article of the Month – Top TTO Challenges

02 April, 2020

An Introduction to the Basic Complexities of Technology Transfer. Les Nouvelles, the journal of the Licensing Executives Society International (LES), recently published a fascinating article on the challenges of university technology transfer. One of the article's key contributors was YEDA's CEO Gil Granot-Mayer.

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BiomX Positive Phase 1 Study for Acne

31 March, 2020

Ness Ziona, Israel – March 31, 2020: BiomX, a clinical stage company and a subsidiary of YEDA, the Weizmann Institute's technology transfer arm, recently announced that its positive Phase 1 data results would allow it to advance to a Phase 2 study. BiomX develops phage therapies that target specific pathogenic bacteria. These therapies include BX001, a topical gel comprised of naturally occurring phage that target C. acnes bacteria and aim to improve the appearance of acne-prone skin. The company's Phase 1 study exhibited a significant reduction of C.

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A Nose for Coronavirus Detection

30 March, 2020

An innovative Weizmann Institute initiative helps individuals track their sense of smell and potentially detect early signs of COVID-19.

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Today's Research is Tomorrow's Viral Threat Defense

18 March, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic is forcing us all to confront the relative lack of anti-viral treatments that humanity has in its armamentarium. At the Weizmann Institute of Science, we confront this situation by harnessing innovative basic research for the development of novel technologies for the benefit of society. Together with Weizmann scientists, YEDA Ltd, the Institute's commercialization arm, is transforming academic research into drugs and public health technologies that may prevent future viral threats from causing upheaval similar to the disruption that our world is facing today.

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Frontier Tech - Israel's First Deep Tech

28 January, 2020

On January 28th, Grove Ventures launched Frontier Tech, Israel's first “Deep Tech” conference. Yeda was a major partner in organizing this groundbreaking conference, helping Grove Ventures select its panel specialists, review content-related topics and execute various strategies.

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Yeda and Deerfield Create Orchard Innovations - $130 Million

09 January, 2020

Yeda, the Commercial Arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science, and Deerfield Create Orchard Innovations, LLC

Deerfield Commits up to $130 million to Advance New Medicines at the Israeli Institute Through a Newly Launched Company


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Yeda, the Commercial Arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science, and Deerfield Create Orchard Innovations, LLC

06 January, 2020

Deerfield Commits up to $130 million to Advance New Medicines at Israeli Institute Through a Newly Launched Company

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Yeda and Deerfield Create Orchard Innovations (Hebrew PR)

06 January, 2020

Yeda and Deerfield Create Orchard Innovations (Hebrew PR)

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Korea's Bio-Leaders To Invest $10 Million in Weizmann Institute Anti-Cancer Therapy

21 March, 2019

Bio-Leaders has agreed to commit $10 million towards a company being spun off of Yeda Research and Development, Weizmann’s technology transfer arm. Yongin, South Korea-headquartered biomedical company Bioleaders Corp. is looking at Israeli research institute The Weizmann Institute of Science for anti-cancer technology. BioLeaders has agreed to commit $10 million towards a company being spun off of Yeda Research and Development Co. Ltd., Weizmann’s technology transfer arm, the institute announced Tuesday.

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Weizmann Institute of Science is Ninth in the World in Research Quality

08 July, 2018

The prestigious Leiden ranking puts the impact of Institute research high up in a list of the top universities and research institutes 08.07.2018

The Weizmann Institute of Science has been placed ninth in a ranking of research quality.  This is the second time that the Institute has ranked in the top ten best research institutes in the world. (In the previous ranking, in 2015, the institute placed tenth.) The placement comes from the annual CWTS Leiden Ranking, based in Leiden University in the Netherlands.

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One Patent, Three Drugs // Eli Lilly and Company

27 April, 2018

A protocol that arose from Weizmann Institute of Science research has led to US Food and Drug Administration approval of a new biological drug for the treatment of a certain form of lung cancer. This is the third cancer drug to be developed on the basis of studies conducted by the Weizmann Institute’s Prof. Michael Sela, of the Department of Immunology, and his colleagues.

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Gil Granot-Mayer Will Replace Amir Naiberg as CEO of Yeda

01 January, 2018

Naiberg to head technology transfer at UCLA

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Weizmann Institute of Science Announces Visiting Scientist Agreement with Pfizer Inc.

05 June, 2016

The Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, and Yeda Research and Development Co., Ltd., its commercial arm, announced this week that they have entered a multi-year arrangement with Pfizer Inc. The arrangement will entail collaboration at the newly established National Drug Discovery Institute (DDI) in the Nancy and Stephen Grand Israel National Center for Personalized Medicine (G-INCPM), which is part of the Weizmann Institute and located on its campus.

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Technology transfer trends at the Weizmann Institute of Science

05 May, 2016

Originally printed as an advertisement feature in Nature, Vol. 533, No. 7601 (5 May 2016)

One cannot predict what scientific discoveries or revolutions will be made in the laboratories of the Weizmann Institute of Science; but whatever they are, Yeda Research
and Development Co. will be there to bring them to market.

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New Options for Prostate Cancer Patients - EAU16 Plenary Session 2

13 March, 2016


EAU TV spoke to Mark Emberton, UCL, and Eva Johannsen, University of Gothenburg at EAU16 about the use and limitations of active surveillance, how it affects quality of life, and a new drug that facilitates better prostate treatment.

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Karl-Ludwig Kley Receives Weizmann Award in the Sciences and Humanities

16 February, 2016

Darmstadt, Germany, and Rehovot, Israel, February 16, 2016 – Merck, a leading science and technology company, announced that the Weizmann Institute conferred the renowned Weizmann Award in the Sciences and Humanities to Karl-Ludwig Kley, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board and of Merck.

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Merck and Weizmann Institute Sign New Framework Agreement on Research Collaboration

16 February, 2016

Darmstadt, Germany, and Rehovot, Israel, February 16, 2016 – Merck, a leading science and technology company, today extended the partnership with Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel, of by signing a new framework agreement, building on a successful innovation partnership of almost four decades.

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01 February, 2016

Tel Aviv --   February 1,  2016:   NewCO2Fuels  (NCF), an Israeli start-up which transforms CO2 emissions into a clean fuel that can be sold as a commodity at competitive prices, was anno unced as the winner of the "Innovation Potential" category during the 2015 International Quality Inno vation of the Year Awards Ceremony this month in Tallinn, Estonia.

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TOOKAD® Soluble, Approved for Prostate Cancer Therapy in Mexico

04 January, 2016

Weizmann Institute Drug, TOOKAD® Soluble, Approved for Prostate Cancer Therapy in Mexico

A therapy invented at the Weizmann Institute of Science and clinically developed in collaboration with Steba Biotech (Luxembourg) has been approved by Cofepris, Mexico’s health authority, for the focal treatment of early-stage prostate cancer.

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How new fuel tech could drastically reduce CO2 and generate profitable new waste stream

02 December, 2015

Tech Republic, 2 December

The stakes are high this week as world leaders convene in Paris for the United Nations Conference of Parties (COP21), intended to create a broad multilateral agreement limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

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For Israeli firm, an answer to global warming is blowing in the wind

02 December, 2015

NCF’s technology, which captures CO2 emissions and turns them into fuel, may offer an alternative to cutting back on greenhouse gases



The company called NewCO2Fuels, or NCF, has been developing its own version of a technology that allows heat-trapping carbon dioxide emissions to be captured and recycled back into useable fuel.

It sounds complicated — and it is — but the company’s founders say it holds real potential in the fight against global warming.

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ImmunArray Ltd announces the Launch of the SLE-key™ Rule Out test

12 February, 2015

ImmunArray Ltd announces the Launch of the SLE-key™ Rule Out test to be run out of VERACIS the Company’s Service Laboratory beginning in March 2015, in Richmond, Virginia Richmond, VA and Rehovot, Israel. February 12, 2015 

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The Interferon Connection

01 December, 2014

XL-protein from Germany and Yeda, the commercial arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science, have announced the signing of a collaboration agreement for the commercial exploitation of an improved interferon molecule that was developed by scientists from the Institute and from XL-protein. The agreement states that Yeda will also represent the XL-protein scientists and may grant licenses to different companies for the development of applications of this molecule for the treatment of a line of diseases, including diseases of the central nervous system.

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‘3i’ to Develop Microscopes of the Future Based on Weizmann Institute Inventions

25 July, 2012

3i to Develop Microscopes of the Future Based on Weizmann Institute Inventions

Yeda, the technology transfer arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science, has signed a license agreement with ’3i.’ Other microscopy systems based on Weizmann research are being sold by ‘Idea Bio-Medical’

REHOVOT, ISRAEL—July 25, 2012

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Weizmann Institute Solar Technology to Convert Greenhouse Gas into Fuel

07 June, 2012

An Israeli-Australian venture will use solar technology developed at the Weizmann Institute of Science to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of brown coal. The venture has been recently launched in Israel by NewCO2Fuels Ltd., a subsidiary of the Australian company Greenearth Energy Ltd., which has acquired an exclusive worldwide license for the solar technology from Yeda, the Weizmann Institute’s technology transfer arm.

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