About us

About Us

Welcome to YEDA, the dynamic commercial force propelling the transformative research of the Weizmann Institute of Science into the global marketplace. As the exclusive commercial arm of the Institute, YEDA plays a pivotal role in identifying, protecting, and commercializing the unique intellectual property developed by our world-class scientists.



YEDA's mission is deeply rooted in advancing scientific discoveries for the benefit of society. By fostering an innovation ecosystem, we aim to bridge the gap between groundbreaking research and real-world applications. The income generated from our commercial activities not only sustains the continuation of basic research at the Weizmann Institute but also contributes to the advancement of science education.


Our Mission Pillars:


Research Assessment: YEDA actively identifies and assesses research projects with commercial potential, ensuring that promising breakthroughs receive the attention they deserve.


Intellectual Property Protection: We are dedicated to safeguarding the intellectual property of the Weizmann Institute and its esteemed scientists, securing the foundation for future innovations.


Business Relationships: YEDA is at the forefront of creating strategic business relationships and licensing agreements, facilitating the seamless transition of the Institute's inventions and technologies into the industry.


Funding Channel: We play a crucial role in channelling funding from industry partners to support ongoing research projects, enabling the pursuit of cutting-edge scientific endeavours.



WIN (Weizmann Innovation Nest) is the startup hub of the Weizmann innovation ecosystem. Backed by Yeda, Weizmann’s tech transfer company, WIN provides essential infrastructure and resources to incubate promising and applicative Weizmann inventions through the venture creation stage.


Such Resources Include:


  • Early-stage funding
  • Mentoring
  • Support by industry experts
  • Industry and investor networking
  • Office and lab workspaces
  • Other support services


Over 120 spinoff companies have been founded to commercialize Weizmann IP in the fields of pharma/biotech, Agrotech, Foodtech, cleantech/energy and materials/chemistry. WIN aims to build upon this tradition of innovation and to leverage Weizmann’s world-class research into cutting-edge businesses serving urgent needs of humanity.


BINA (Bridge, Innovate, Nurture, Advance) provides mentoring, guidance and funding to transform basic science into applied research. Bina also runs active outreach programs and collaborations to encourage applied research across campus, and educational programs to equip researchers with applied science skills.

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