For Entrepreneurs



At Yeda, we facilitate the transformation of innovative ideas from the Weizmann Institute into market-ready solutions, by partnering with companies that recognize the potential of our technologies and want to develop them.

During the R&D phase implemented by our licensees, Weizmann scientists often collaborate with our partners, enhancing the technology through funded research and offering consultancy to promote successful implementation.

Our portfolio is diverse, and so are our partners—from global market leaders to mid-sized companies and startups. We tailor each licensing agreement to fit the specific technology, industry conditions, and the business models applicable to the solution.


Startup Formation


We frequently team up with entrepreneurs to create spinout companies based on Weizmann Institute technologies. These startups benefit from securing funding, attracting talent, and maintaining close ties with our scientists, making them ideal for developing early-stage inventions into successful products.

For qualifying startups, the Weizmann Innovation Nest (WIN) provides critical support and resources, to assist early-stage development of promising technologies. 

Following is an overview of the typical process for establishing a spinout from Weizmann Institute technology, along with templates used in each step.