• PROMISE search engine for PTMs and Neoantigens (No. T4-2090)

    Many newly developed anti-cancer treatments rely on identifying cancer unique signatures that can be used to harness the immune system against the tumor. ... Read more
    Senior Scientist Yifat Merbl

    Yifat Merbl

    Faculty of Biology

  • A Novel Target for Treating and Diagnosing Refractory or Relapsing Multiple Myeloma (No. T4-2075)

    Multiple myeloma (MM) is an incurable malignancy, and despite novel anti-myeloma drugs that increased survival, up to 30% of patients develop primary resistance, and many patients experience early relapse. ... Read more
    Associate Professor Ido Amit

    Ido Amit

    Faculty of Biology

  • Prediction of Gestational Diabetes (No. T4-1962)

    diabetes mellitus (GDM) is one of the most common complications of pregnancy, increasing the risk for short and long-term adverse events for both mother and offspring. Early intervention can reduce future complications, however, GDM is currently diagnosed only at late pregnancy stages. ... Read more
    Full Professor Eran Segal

    Eran Segal

    Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

  • Person-specific Assessment of Probiotics Responsiveness (No. T4-1895)

    Probiotics are a widely consumed dietary supplement, however, their efficacy is controversial and not all individuals benefit from their use. Therefore, a predictive tool that distinguishes between probiotic-permissive and resistant individuals is needed. ... Read more
    Associate Professor Eran Elinav

    Eran Elinav

    Faculty of Biology

  • Novel Method for Diagnosing and Treating Relapsed Obesity (No. T4-1805)

    Obesity is the health epidemic of the modern world, with nearly half the global adult population being categorized as obese. ... Read more
    Associate Professor Eran Elinav

    Eran Elinav

    Faculty of Biology

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