Hermes system

WiScan® Hermes is a High content screening Fluorescence and Bright Field scanning system which operates at extremely high speeds of image acquisition, and generates exceptionally high quality images.
Hermes covers a range of 7 wavelength channels and transmitted light.
 It accommodates magnification up to 60X, and various sized multi-well plates, slides, dish, and microarrays. 
Hermes is modular, configured as a basic system with optional packages which include High Throughput, Rare Event Detection, Live Cell, Automation, and Full Analysis software called WiSoft®.

Hermes systems are globally used in universities, research centers and pharmaceutical companies in the US, Europe and Israel. Customers compare Hermes to systems manufactured by leading corporations and claim Hermes is simpler to use, less expensive, and that it provides a more optimal combination of image quality and acquisition speed

Hermes system

IDEA Bio-Medical Ltd.

Established in 2007, IDEA Bio-Medical is a daughter company of IDEA Machine Development (an ODM company) under a license from "Yeda", the commercialization arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science. The technologies and knowledge implemented in IDEA Bio's products originated  in the Weizmann institute and in the mother company, based on 15 years of experience in development, production support and servicing of high-tech products for leading companies world-wide - in the field of automated verification/vision based devices .
IDEA Bio-Medical specializes in HCS imaging systems as well as image analysis software which allows tailor- made biological applications based the company's unique algorithms library. The company is developing novel image-based screening platforms for the pharmaceutical industry and medical centers - dedicated to broadening the scope of personalized medicine. 
The systems IDEA Bio develops incorporate the most advanced technologies currently available in the machine vision field, integrated with engineering methodologies of high reliability and quality at the level of semi-conductors and digital printing industries (specialty of the mother company).
IDEA Bio's products are unbeatable in terms of performance, reliability and price. The IDEA team has a highly service-oriented understanding of customers' needs and the risks inherent in their operations. The service department of IDEA Bio utilizes all IDEA group's departments for customer support, including technical services , software support, application development, etc.

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