Medical Devices(5)

  • Artificial Pancreas (No. T4-1942)

    The alarmingly sharp increase in type 1 diabetes mellitus incidence in recent years has been coupled with a marked rise in the development of closed-loop systems aimed at continuously monitoring blood glucose levels, predicting glucose behavior and delivering adjusted insulin doses. ... Read more
    Full Professor Eran Segal

    Eran Segal

    Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

  • Multimodel Transcranial Optical Vascular Assessment (No. T4-1769)

    Subdural hematoma (SDH) is a collection of blood between the inner layer of the dura and the brain that occurs mostly as a result of trauma. It is one of the most common neurosurgical conditions in the United States today. ... Read more
    Prof Alon Harmelin

    Alon Harmelin

    Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance

  • Novel MRI Contrast Agent (No. T4-1604)

    Novel reporter gene for magnetic resonance imaging applications.The ability to image the duration and location of gene expression in vivo and noninvasively is imperative for the future of biology and clinical medicine. ... Read more
    Full Professor Michal Neeman

    Michal Neeman

    Faculty of Biology

  • Inorganic Fullerene Coating For Medical Devices (No. T4-1566)

    Various dental applications suffer from excessive friction, which severely compromises their function. For orthodontic procedures, friction significantly reduces effectiveness and thereby leads to prolonged treatments. ... Read more
    Emeritus Tenne Reshef

    Tenne Reshef

    Faculty of Chemistry

  • Acquisition of Multidimensional NMR Spectra in a Single Scan (No. T4-1151)

    Full Professor Lucio Frydman

    Lucio Frydman

    Faculty of Chemistry

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