Agriculture and Plant Genetics(7)

  • Hyperstable Serum Albumin Variants for Microbial Mass Production (No. T4-2216)

    Serum albumins are essential in a wide variety of molecular and cellular applications, including in the medical, biotechnological and cultivated meat industries. ... Read more
    Associate Professor Sarel FLEISHMAN

    Sarel-Jacob Fleishman

    Faculty of Biochemistry

  • Green Synthesis of Biocompatible Porous Nanostructured Silica-Composite (No. T4-2201)

    Nanostructured silica is a promising material with remarkable properties, such as high porosity, biocompatibility, and stability. ... Read more
    Prof Assaf Gal

    Assaf Gal

    Faculty of Biochemistry

  • Measuring Carbon Fixation of Individual Trees (No. T4-2161)

    A method to better calculate carbon uptake by trees. Considering not only biomass but also measured by use of presently available sensors other aspects and factors of the trees, to get a more accurate picture of tree carbon uptake. More information available under NDA ... Read more
    Prof Tamir Klein

    Tamir Klein

    Faculty of Biochemistry

  • A Method for Vitamin D Production (No. T4-2086)

    Vitamin D is essential for health including the growth of bones, mental health, and functioning immune system, with vitamin D deficiency is associated with a number of health conditions. ... Read more
    Prof Einat Segev

    Einat Segev

    Faculty of Biochemistry

  • GreenTap - A Method for Stimulating Production and Extraction of Metabolites in Plants (No. T4-1894)

    Numerous plant-originated compounds with unique properties are widely used for diverse applications in the drugs, food, and cosmetics industries. ... Read more
    Full Professor Asaph Aharoni

    Asaph Aharoni

    Faculty of Biochemistry

  • Carbon fixing bacteria (No. T4-1736)

    The two most pressing challenges facing humanity are the need to feed the growing population with restricted land and water sources and global warming caused due to high atmospheric CO2 levels. ... Read more
    Full Professor Ron Milo

    Ron Milo

    Faculty of Biochemistry

  • Synthetic Carbon Fixation Pathways For Superior Biomass Generation (No. T4-1556)

    Modern agriculture faces limited arable land and climate changes. Carbon fixation under these conditions will become a significant growth-limiting factor. Synthetic carbon fixation pathways can allow plants to produce more biomass using the same amount of energy from sunlight. ... Read more
    Full Professor Ron Milo

    Ron Milo

    Faculty of Biochemistry

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