Physics and Electro-Optics(13)

  • Quantum Simulation with Trapped Ions in a Gradient Field (No. T4-1965)

    Progress in a broad range of scientific and technological fields is hampered by the difficulty of understanding and predicting the behavior of highly complex systems. ... Read more
    Full Professor Roee Ozeri

    Roee Ozeri

    Faculty of Physics

  • Atomic Magnetometer with Increased Coherence Time for Improved Magnetic Fields Measurements (No. T4-1928)

    Atomic magnetometers are the most precise magnetometers to date and are often used in applications ranging from medical to military uses. The use of atomic magnetometers is often limited in resolution when measuring low frequency signals due to short coherence time (mSec time scale). ... Read more
    Full Professor Roee Ozeri

    Roee Ozeri

    Faculty of Physics

  • Ultra-Rapid Structure Reconstruction Using an All-optical Digital Technology (No. T4-1879)

    Reconstruction of structures from their scattered intensity distributions is heavily exploited in a range of disciplines, with common methods limited when phase information is lost. ... Read more
    Full Professor Nir Davidson

    Nir Davidson

    Faculty of Physics

  • Optical Bus for a Multi-Core Processor (No. T4-1863)

    The exponential increase in computational power over the last decades is running into a bottle-neck – the only way of getting more computing power per chip is to integrate multiple-cores, but the problem with multiple-cores is the complex wiring system, used for inter-core communication. ... Read more
    Full Professor Ulf Leonhardt

    Ulf Leonhardt

    Faculty of Physics

  • Composite Functional Metasurfaces for Multispectral Achromatic Optics (No. T4-1845)

    A new technology for producing flat optical components based on optical metasurfaces. These components can potentially serve high resolution imaging, spectrometry, light processing and beam shaping devices. ... Read more
    Emeritus Yehiam Prior

    Yehiam Prior

    Faculty of Chemistry

  • Inertial NEMS for Nanosensor Applications Based on Inorganic Nanotubes (No. T4-1828)

    Inertial sensors for motion detection are being incorporated into an increasing number of portable devices, including diverse IoT applications, mobile phones, wearable electronics, automotive systems and medical diagnostic sensors. ... Read more
    Full Professor Ernesto Joselevich

    Ernesto Joselevich

    Faculty of Chemistry

    Emeritus Tenne Reshef

    Tenne Reshef

    Faculty of Chemistry

  • Nanoscale Electronic Spin Polarizer and Enhanced Magnetoresistance for Memory Applications (No. T4-1816)

    Spintronics has a large impact on daily life, being the backbone of computing and electronic applications. The reduction in the size of spintronic elements is of central importance for efficient information processing. ... Read more
    Associate Professor OREN Tal

    OREN Tal

    Faculty of Chemistry

  • Multimodel Transcranial Optical Vascular Assessment (No. T4-1769)

    Subdural hematoma (SDH) is a collection of blood between the inner layer of the dura and the brain that occurs mostly as a result of trauma. It is one of the most common neurosurgical conditions in the United States today. ... Read more
    Prof Alon Harmelin

    Alon Harmelin

    Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance

  • A Novel Technique of Thermoelectric Conversion (No. T4-1583)

    The thermoelectric effect is the direct conversion of temperature differences to electric voltage and vice versa. Thermoelectric effects are used in various applications, where heat energy is saved, that would be otherwise lost. ... Read more
    Prof Yoseph Imry

    Yoseph Imry


  • Optical Conversion of Ultra-Fast Laser Pulses (No. T4-1529)

    Ultra-fast lasers are highly used in both academia (to monitor chemical & biological reactions) and industry (for submicron resolution products). ... Read more
    Prof Yaron Silberberg

    Yaron (deceased) Silberberg




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