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anti-estrone-3-glucuronide 155B3 (No. 276)

Lead Researcher: Dr. Fortune Kohen


Monoclonal antibodies for peptide and steroid hormones
Due to their high specificity and sensitivity these antibodies may be applicable for research, diagnosis and therapeutics. A particular use may be quality control of industrial manufacturing of food products.
§  275-276 – Monoclonal antibodies to estrone-3-glucuronide
Description: Monoclonal antibodies raised against estrone-3-glucuronide-BSA. Available clones: 8A3 (Rat, IgG2a), 155B3.
Estrone-glucuronide is the dominant metabolite of estradiol. Used as one reference method for determining ovulation.
            References: Geoff Barnard, Fortune Kohen. 1998. Monitoring ovarian function by the simultaneous time-resolved fluorescence immunoassay of two urinary steroid metabolites. Clin Chem 44:7 1520–1528.
Barnard G1, Kohen F, Mikola H, L?vgren T. 1989. Measurement of estrone-3-glucuronide in urine by rapid, homogeneous time-resolved fluoroimmunoassay. Clin Chem. 35(4):555-9.