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Monoclonal Anti-Ermin Antibody (Mab#160) (No. 7M258)

Lead Researcher: Prof. Elior Peles


258 - Monoclonal antibody to Ermin Description: Monoclonal antibody to Ermin (MAb160) raised against purified GST–Ermin (residues 1–261). Ermin is a marker of myelinating oligodendroglia, localized to the outer cytoplasmic lip of the myelin sheath and the paranodal loops. It was suggested to play a role in cytoskeletal rearrangements during the late wrapping and/or compaction phases of myelinogenesis.

Reference: Brockschnieder D, Sabanay H, Riethmacher D, Peles E. 2006. Ermin, a myelinating oligodendrocyte-specific protein that regulates cell morphology. J Neurosci. 26(3):757-62.