Pluristem was founded in 2001 by Shai Meretzki of the Technion, who made use of a stem cell patent which was developed during his Ph.D studies, under the supervision of Dr. Shosh Merchav, together with Professors Dov Zipori and Avinoam Kadouri from the Weizmann Institute of Science

Pluristem, a biotherapy company based in the city of Haifa, has been developing placental stem cell treatment for well over a decade. The company's groundbreaking treatment is primarily designed to treat a variety of inflammations, muscle injuries and disorders. Yet nothing could have prepared the Pluristem for the Coronavirus – and for its role in providing relief to COVID-19 patients.

The placenta is widely known for its unique healing prowess. Pluristem's placental stem cell treatment is intended to stimulate the body's recovery processes. These cells, which are provided to patients without the need for genetic matching, help the human body heal. These cells cannot fight COVID-19 or any other virus; yet they can provide the immune system with robust support, and therefore strengthen the body as it combats various complications derived from illness. 

The treatment is currently in clinical trial stage, yet Israel's Ministry of Health has recently authorized Pluristem to administer treatment to seven COVID-19 patients as part of a Compassionate Treatment framework that does not warrant a clinical trial. These high-risk patients, whom are ventilated and suffer from severe complications, have responded well to the treatment. Promising results include a 100% survival rate and significant improvement in respiratory indicators.

Realizing that its therapies can potentially save lives, Pluristem has decided to actively pursue clinical research regarding the administration of PLX stem cells as treatment for patients with COVID-19. If realized, this research could end up being significant breakthrough in the fight against COVID-19 health complications.

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Monday, May 4, 2020