Dr. Yael Klionsky

Director of Business Development, Life Science

Yael is the Director of Business Development with YEDA, managing translation and commercialization of scientific innovation to the real world. Prior to joining YEDA, she was a Project Leader with Compugen, a genomics-based clinical stage drug discovery company focusing in the field of immuno-oncology, where she acquired a wide background in drug development from the inception to various stages of pre-clinical development. Yael also led strategic academic collaborations with Johns Hopkins University aiming at identification of differentiating features of Compugen’s novel targets and evaluating the therapeutic potential of drugs modulating the activity of those targets. Previously, she served as Leading Scientist with Efranat, investigating the anti-cancer activity of glyco-engineered immunomodulatory molecules. Yael holds a Ph.D. in Immunology from the WIS, focusing on applicable sciences in the field of cell therapy, oncology and autoimmunity. Her innovative research yielded both patents, and publications in high impact scientific journals such as Immunity and others.

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