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Directions from Tel Aviv

  1. Exit Tel Aviv onto the Ayalon Darom (South).
  2. Continue on the Ayalon going south, until Ayalon Darom merges into the Jeruasalem Tel-Aviv highway (follow signs to Jerusalem, Route 1).
  3. Get off at the Ashdod exit. The sign will also say Tzomet Ganot, or Ganot Junction. You are now on Tel Aviv Ashdod highway, which is Route 4.
  4. Go past 2 exits (both are for Rishon L'Zion). After the second Rishon L'Zion exit, move into the right lane and and get off at the Gan Rave junction (Route 42). The exit will also list Rishon L'Zion again.
  5. Stay in the left lane of the exit ramp, past the Rishon turnoff, which is to your right. Now you can move into the right lane, and merge with the traffic.
  6. At the next junction, (Ein HaKore) continue straight, through the traffic light. At next traffic light (Beit Hanan) go straight, and in the following junction (Beit Oved), at the traffic light, (approximately 4 kilometers), make a left turn onto Route 4303.
  7. At the 3rd traffic light, enter the right turn lane toward Rehovot, onto Route 412, also called Rehov Weizmann.
  8. At the 4th traffic light, (which is the first light after you cross a railroad tracks.) make a left turn into the Northern gate of the Institute.

Campus Map: (we are building No. 7 on the campus map)

Directions from Jerusalem

  1. Exit Jerusalem onto Route 1 (Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway).
  2. Get off at the Latrun-Ashkelon exit. At the intersection at the end of the ramp, turn left onto Route 3.
  3. Continue on Route 3 past 2 traffic lights. (The first light comes almost immediately; the 2nd traffic light is after several kilometers, at Tzomet Nahshon). Continue straight through the large intersection of Tzomet Nachshon, and make the next right turn, at Tzomet Hulda, onto Route 411 to Rehovot. There is a sign at this point to Rehovot.
  4. Continue on Route 411 (a very winding road) for approximately 11 kilometers, past Mishmar David, Hulda, Mazkeret Batya, Kiryat Ekron, and the large Bilu Shopping Center. At the traffic light which is immediately after the shopping center, make a right turn onto Route 40. You will pass signs to Kaplan Hospital on your left.
  5. Continue on Route 40 to the next traffic light at Tzomet Bilu. Make a left turn onto the main street of Rehovot, Rehov Herzl which is also Route 412.
  6. You are now at the southern end of Rehovot, and the Insitute is at the northernmost end. Drive through Rehovot, along Rehov Herzl. At the 9th traffic light, make a right turn into the main gate of the Institute.

Campus Map: (we are building No. 7 on the campus map)

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