Methods for High-Throughput Analysis of Transcriptomes (No. T4-1843)


Analysis of the transcriptome of cells can inform greatly about the state of said cells, including maturation, activation, transformation, etc. Therefore it would be of great research and clinical value to analyze transcriptomes of different cell populations and to compare gene expression on large scales. A particularly useful method would be Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) as it allows parallel sequencing in high sensitivity, reducing cost and time. However, NGS requires special protocols and preparation procedures in order to ensure a high quality and unbiased analysis.
The lab of Prof. Amit has developed a high-throughput system using tools, techniques, and kits for analyzing transcriptomes by NGS for analysis of gene expression. From the initial stage of cell preparation all the way to library generation, those innovative methods contribute to the power of NGS and provide effective tools to study cellular processes with a high-quality output.


* Novel method
* Multiple applications whether comparing cell states or different pathologies
* Unbiased analysis of different cell types

Technology's Essence

Prof. Amit and his lab members developed an automated framework which enables sequencing transcriptomes of single cells or cell populations. This framework includes the extraction of RNA from the isolated cells, RNA fragmentation, and cDNA production. Ultimately, libraries are created which include various additions such as barcodes and adapters and can be sequenced to provide comprehensive insight on gene expression within the cells.    

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