Monoclonal Anti-Ubiquitinated Histone H2B Antibody (No. T4-1397)


A novel antibody which can be used, for the first time, to recognize ubiquitinated histone 2B. This technology is novel in its ability to recognize proteins and their destinations, and may serve in diagnostics and immunoprecipitation processes.


Primary applications in research. Use as a detection tool in western blotting, immunoprecipitation and chromatin immunoprecipitation. Might be used for monitoring processes associated with modulations of ubiquitinated-H2B levels.

Technology's Essence

The invention involves the generation of antibodies specific to ubiquitinated-H2B which selectively recognize H2B when it is ubiquitinated but not H2B in its unmodified state, or ubiquitin unconjugated to H2B.

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