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Clone 21C7 (No. T4-115)

Lead Researcher: Dr. Fortune Kohen


Monoclonal antibodies for Isoflavones, leukotrienes, biotin and human and veterinary drugs
May be used for monitoring drug additives in food providing animals for veterinary use and for the food industry.
Veterinary drugs:
§ 115 - Monoclonal antibody to Sulfamethazine (SMZ)
Description: Rat monoclonal antibodies raised against Sulfamethazine-BSA.
    Available clone: 21C7, IgG1.
Sulfamethazine is an antibacterial agents commonly given to food animals (swine, fishetc.) to prevent disease and maximize production.
Reference: Fortune Kohen , Batya Gayer , Yehudith Amir-Zaltsman &
Michael O'Keeffe. 2000. Generation of an anti-idiotypic antibody as a surrogateLigand for sulfamethazine in immunoassay procedures, food and agricultural. Immunology 12:3 193-201.