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Alpha-Anti Progesterone (2E11) (No. T4-253)

Lead Researcher: Fortune Kohen


Monoclonal antibodies for peptide and steroid hormones Due to their high specificity and sensitivity these antibodies may be applicable for research, diagnosis and therapeutics. A particular use may be quality control of industrial manufacturing of food products.

Anti-idiotypic antibodies to anti-steroids: 252-253 - Anti-idiotypic antibodies against anti-progesterone. Description: Anti-idiotypic antibody raised against anti-progesterone-7-BSA.KLH conjugate (clone 2H4). Available clones: 15F11 (betatypic), 2E11 (alphatypic).            

Reference: Fortune Kohen, Josef de Boever, Geoff Barnard. 1996. Noncompetitive immunoassay for small molecules. Immunoassay. Pages 405-421.