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Core peptide to inhibit T-Cell mediated inflammation in animal models (No. T4-238)

Lead Researcher: Prof. Yechiel Shai


238 - CP Peptide Description: Core peptide (CP; GLRILLLKV-D-stereoisomer), a synthetic peptide coding for the transmembrane domain of the ?-subunit of the T-cell receptor (TCR), a region that has been identified to be crucial for the assembly and function of the TCR. Was shown to significantly inhibit T-cell-mediated inflammation upon subcutaneously administration in animal models. Has the potential of being used as an alternative therapy for immunosuppression.

Reference: Gerber D, Quintana FJ, Bloch I, Cohen IR, Shai Y. 2005. D-enantiomer peptide of the TCRalpha transmembrane domain inhibits T-cell activation in vitro and in vivo. FASEB J. 19(9):1190-2.