Antibodies Directed to ErbB Ligandsfor Treating Cancer (No. 1549)

Lead Researcher: Prof. Yosef Yarden


  • Treatment of cancers that possess the ErbB receptors (e.g. colorectal, liver, bladder, and head and neck tumors)
  • Advantages

  • Effective blockade of the tumorigenic action of ErbB-specific ligands
  • The combination protocol may enhance the sensitivity to chemotherapy
  • Technology's Essence

    In the outlined technology, monoclonal antibodies were generated against two ligands, namely TGF-? and heparin-binding EGF-like growth factor. Combining the two antibodies with a chemotherapeutic drug enhanced the ability of chemotherapy to inhibit pancreatic tumors in mice. Therefore, this technology offers a general cancer therapeutic strategy that entails profiling the repertoire of growth factors secreted by a tumor, and combining with chemotherapy several antibodies capable of blocking autocrine ligands, in a way that sensitizes tumors to cytotoxicity and delays onset of chemoresistance.