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Monoclonal Antibodies for Monitoring Hormone and Drug Additives in Food Providing Animals (No. T4-1166)

Lead Researcher: Dr. Fortune Kohen


A series of monoclonal antibodies for monitoring hormone and drug additives in animals grown for the food industry. These include mAbs for peptide hormones, steroid hormones, drugs, leukotrienes, isoflavones, and veterinary drugs.


Monitoring hormone and drug additives in food providing animals for veterinary use and for the food industry.

Technology's Essence

The following mAb are available for licensing:
(Clones marked with * are available for diagnostic and therapeutic use only).

Peptide Hormones:
LH: 4F10
bFSH: 1G12*, 1H9, 1H7
FSH: 6H6
bHCG: 1D5
bHCG+: 1C7 3F11
HGH: 1C12*, 1C4*, 5E9, 4E12, 5C3, 1C5, 6G3, 5E6, 2C12

Steroid Hormones:
progesterone-11a-HS 1E11*
progesterone-7a-CET 2H4
Estrone-3-glucuronide 8A3
Testosterone-3-CMO 5A4
Testosterone-3-CMO 5F2*
Estradiol-6-CMO 8D9*

Anti-idiotypic antibodies to anti-steroids:
betatypic anti-anti-testosterone 5A4 8G9
betatypic anti-progesterone 2H4 15F11
betatypic anti-anti-estrone-3-glucuronide 8A3 7C1
alphatypic anti-progesterone 2H4 2E11
betatypic anti-anti-estrone-3-glucuronide 8A3 11C1

Digoxin 10F10
RU-486* 8B6*
Buserelin 8B4
Medroxy-progesterone-acetate* 1F5*

LTC4* 6E7

Biotin-BSA F1

Daidzein 4E4
Daidzein/daidzin/genistin 2F11
Estrone-3-glucuronide 8A3
Genistein/biochanin A 10D8
Genistein/genistin/daidzin 6E8
Betatypic anti-anti-genistein 10D8

Veterinary drugs
Sulfamethazine (SMZ) 21C7
Betatypic anti-SMZ 12E12
4-chloro-androstenedione 14H2
Virginamycin 486
Spiramycin 110
Betatypic anti-anti-spiramycin 133

Licensing Status