Optical Imaging Ltd

Optical Imaging is a medical device company providing ophthalmic equipment for early diagnosis, targeted treatment, and treatment monitoring.

The Retinal Function Imager (RFI) and Brain Imager 3001 systems are based on Optical Imaging's proprietary technologies, including image acquisition hardware, image processing, and statistical analysis algorithms.

The RFI maps the retina to the resolution of single red blood cells moving through capillaries and offers clinicians and researchers insight into the pathogenesis of retinal diseases, leading to better patient care.

The company's Voltage Sensitive Dyes (VSD) function as a low-biological-noise probe for high-speed neural imaging of electrical signals. Applied to the brain, the patent-pending VSDs bind to the external surface of the membranes of living cells without interrupting their normal function. Once introduced into a preparation, VSDs rapidly (within a microsecond) alter the intensity and/or wavelengths of fluorescent light they emit as a function of changes in neuronal membrane potential.