Physics and Electro-Optics(15)

  • CNT-Based Structure for High-Resolution Semiconductor Process Control (No. T4-1730)

    With the continuous trend of electronic component miniaturization, process control technologies must keep up with component size reduction. Defects that were so far negligible, are now posing critical operation obstacles, and are more difficult to identify as scales are reduced to <10 nm. ... Read more
    Mr Avishai Benyamini

    Avishai Benyamini


  • A Novel Technique of Thermoelectric Conversion (No. T4-1583)

    The thermoelectric effect is the direct conversion of temperature differences to electric voltage and vice versa. Thermoelectric effects are used in various applications, where heat energy is saved, that would be otherwise lost. ... Read more
    Prof Yoseph Imry

    Yoseph Imry


  • Optical Conversion of Ultra-Fast Laser Pulses (No. T4-1529)

    Ultra-fast lasers are highly used in both academia (to monitor chemical & biological reactions) and industry (for submicron resolution products). ... Read more
    Prof Yaron Silberberg

    Yaron (deceased) Silberberg


  • Highly Sensitive Nanoscale Scanning Magnetic and Thermal Sensor (No. T4-1481)

    A new technology developed by a group of researchers from the Weizmann Institute is a nanoscale sensor-on-tip for local magnetic signals and thermal dissipation with state-of-the-art sensitivity and spatial resolution. ... Read more
    Full Professor Eli Zeldov

    Eli Zeldov

    Faculty of Physics

  • High-Performance Electrochromic Devices (No. T4-1380)

    High-performance electrochromic materials that exhibit a practical combination of low-voltage operation and efficient color-switching, as well as long-term stability have been developed by the group of Prof. van der Boom. ... Read more
    Full Professor Milko E. Van der Boom

    Milko E. Van der Boom

    Faculty of Chemistry

  • Optical Cross-Sectioning Multiphoton Microscopy Without Scanning (No. T4-1266)

    Fast cross-sectioning using multiphoton microscope.  The conventionally used laser-scanning microscopy, confocal and multiphoton microscopy, although being capable of performing optical sectioning, requires a long image acquisition time, tens of milliseconds per section in current commercial syst ... Read more
    Prof Yaron Silberberg

    Yaron (deceased) Silberberg


  • Acquisition of Multidimensional NMR Spectra in a Single Scan (No. T4-1151)

    Full Professor Lucio Frydman

    Lucio Frydman

    Faculty of Chemistry



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