• Multimodel Transcranial Optical Vascular Assessment (No. T4-1769)

    Scientist: Alon Harmelin

            Subdural hematoma (SDH) is a collection of blood between the inner layer of the dura and the brain that occurs mostly as a result of trauma.  It is one of the most common neurosurgical conditions in the United States today. SDH monitoring for hematoma expansion would be beneficial to enable expeditious surgi ... Read more
  • Optical Bus for a Multi-Core Processor (No. T4-1863)

    Scientist: Ulf Leonhardt

    The exponential increase in computational power over the last decades is running into a bottle-neck – the only way of getting more computing power per chip is to integrate multiple-cores, but the problem with multiple-cores is the complex wiring system, used for inter-core communication. This technology, developed at t ... Read more
  • Optical Conversion (No. T4-1529)

    Scientist: Yaron Silberberg

    We present an efficient and robust broadband crystal optical conversion device. Various applications of laser optics require tunable laser sources. Currently, most frequency conversion devices rely on a single non-linear crystal, which is either temperature or angle tuned to enhance efficiency. This results only in a nar ... Read more
  • Optical Cross-Sectioning Multiphoton Microscopy Without Scanning (No. T4-1266)

    Scientist: Yaron Silberberg

    Fast cross-sectioning using multiphoton microscope.  The conventionally used laser-scanning microscopy, confocal and multiphoton microscopy, although being capable of performing optical sectioning, requires a long image acquisition time, tens of milliseconds per section in current commercial systems, due to the scanning ... Read more
  • Protecting RFID Tags from Power Analysis (No. T4-1447)

    Scientist: Adi Shamir

    A cheap and effective solution for protecting RFID tags from power attacks. RFID tags are secure tags present in many applications (e.g. secure passports). They are poised to become the most far-reaching wireless technology since the cell phone, with worldwide revenues expected to reach $2.8 billion in 2009. RFID tags we ... Read more


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