• Cholesterol Antibodies (No. T4-1267)

    Description: Monoclonal antibodies specific for cholesterol/ceramide-rich domains (clones 405F, 14F, 499F) and cholesterol micro-domains (clones 36A1, 5881) in cell membranes. Originally raised against an artificial monolayer of lipid mixtures in, and were shown to specifically label the above do ... Read more
    Emeritus Lia Addadi

    Lia Addadi

    Faculty of Chemistry

  • MyRepair Blood Test to Identify People at High Risk for Lung Cancer (No. T4-1033)

    A novel diagnostic test to identify individuals with increased risk of lung cancer. ... Read more
    Extension Service Zvi Livneh

    Zvi Livneh

    Faculty of Biochemistry



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