• Mouse IgE and Anti-Mouse IgE Monoclonal Antibodies (No. 1270)

    Scientist: Zelig Eshhar

    Monoclonal antibodies to IgE Description: Rat monoclonal anti-IgE antibodies that was generated by fusion of plasmacytoma (84.1C) or myeloma (EM953) cells with splenocytes of rat immunized with purified murine IgE mAb. The antibodies react with various IgE mAb of different specificities and not with immunoglobulins of o ... Read more
  • Mutant P53 reactivating peptides as a novel cancer therapy (No. 1672)

    Scientist: Varda Rotter

    Newly developed p53-reactivating peptides were shown to cause regression of very aggressive tumors in several cancer models. p53 is the most important  tumor suppressor gene. Mutant p53 forms can instigate a cascade of events that may lead to loss of control of cell growth and proliferation, and eventually to cancer. p5 ... Read more


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