• Frontotemporal Dementia Diagnosis Using Circulating microRNA Biomarkers (No. T4-2037)

    Frontotemporal dementia (FTD) is a heterogeneous neurodegenerative disorder characterized by frontal and temporal lobe atrophy, typically manifesting with behavioral or language impairment. ... Read more
    Associate Professor Eran Hornstein

    Eran Hornstein

    Faculty of Biochemistry

  • Scarless CRISPR-mediated Genome Editing (No. T4-2036)

    CRISPR-Cas9 is a widely-used tool for genome editing; however, it is very inefficient and often requires the addition of selection markers, forcing the introduction of foreign DNA elements. ... Read more
    Emeritus Yosef Shaul

    Yosef Shaul

    Faculty of Biochemistry

  • Safer CAR-T cell platform (No. T4-2033)

    Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR)-T Cell Therapy is a personalized treatment for cancer in which the patient's T cells are genetically engineered to express a synthetic receptor that binds a tumor antigen. ... Read more
    Associate Professor Sarel FLEISHMAN

    Sarel Fleishman

    Faculty of Biochemistry

  • A Platform for Boosting Efficiency of Therapeutic RNA Editing (No. T4-2028)

    Single-point mutations can give rise to a wide spectrum of genetic diseases. Recent therapeutic approaches aim at editing the mutated mRNA, providing a safe, reversible and tunable treatment. ... Read more
    Senior Scientist Schraga Schwartz

    Schraga Schwartz

    Faculty of Biochemistry

  • Biologic Drug for prevention and treatment of COVID-19 (No. T4-2024)

    combat against COVID-19 is still ongoing worldwide. ... Read more
    Full Professor Gideon Schreiber

    Gideon Schreiber

    Faculty of Biochemistry

  • Small Molecules for Treatment of Huntington's Disease and Related Disorders (No. T4-1947)

    Trinucleotide repeats expansion disorders (TREDs) are a set of diseases in which repetitions of short DNA segments (three nucleotides) occur and accumulate in the genome. ... Read more
    Full Professor Rivka Dikstein

    Rivka Dikstein

    Faculty of Biochemistry

  • Treatment Of Bacterial Vaginosis (No. T4-1945)

    Treating bacterial vaginosis by performing vaginal microbial transplants (VMT). ... Read more
    Associate Professor Eran Elinav

    Eran Elinav

    Faculty of Biology

  • Treatment for Drug-Resistant Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (No. T4-1944)

    Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) is a very common type of cancer, and despite currently available therapies, is one of the deadliest due to the emergence of drug resistance, which results in tumor recurrence. ... Read more
    Extension Service Yosef Yarden

    Yosef Yarden

    Faculty of Biology

  • Predicting Blood Metabolites (No. T4-1941)

    The serum metabolome contains a plethora of biomarkers and causative agents of various diseases. They are known to be modulated by various genetic and environmental factors such as the gut microbiome, nutrition, and lifestyle. ... Read more
    Full Professor Eran Segal

    Eran Segal

    Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

  • Higher Efficiency of CRISPR Gene Editing Using Chimeric Cas9 (No. T4-1930)

    CRISPR-Cas9 is a powerful tool for genome editing, widely used for basic research and the development of treatments for genetic diseases. However, its efficiency is currently limited. ... Read more
    Emeritus Yosef Shaul

    Yosef Shaul

    Faculty of Biochemistry



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