Chemistry and Nanotechnology(25)

  • Recycling of Precious Metals via an Efficient Process with no Toxic Byproduct (No. T4-1670)

    Platinum group metals (PGM) are well-known precious metals that play an important role in many industrial applications as catalysts. Current methods for their recycling are not efficient, require extreme conditions, and involve toxic reagents or byproducts. Prof. ... Read more
    Full Professor Igor Lubomirsky

    Igor Lubomirsky

    Faculty of Chemistry

  • Inorganic Fullerene Coating For Medical Devices (No. T4-1566)

    Implantable or insertable medical devices must be made of materials with unique properties in addition to biocompatibility to address potential damage from the physiological environment and to maintain their effectiveness over time. ... Read more
    Emeritus Tenne Reshef

    Tenne Reshef

    Faculty of Chemistry

  • Green Catalytic Formation of Alcohols, Amines, Amides, Imines and Esters under Mild Conditions (No. T4-1551)

    In recent years, complexes based on cooperating ligands have exhibited remarkable catalytic activity. These ligands can cooperate with the metal center by undergoing reversible structural changes in the processes of substrate activation and product formation. ... Read more
    Extension Service David Milstein

    David Milstein

    Faculty of Chemistry

  • Conductive Inorganic Fullerenes and Nanotubes (No. T4-1482)

    Modification of the electronic properties of layered-type semiconductors can be accomplished by doping/alloying of the semiconductor. ... Read more
    Emeritus Tenne Reshef

    Tenne Reshef

    Faculty of Chemistry

  • High-Performance Electrochromic Devices (No. T4-1380)

    High-performance electrochromic materials that exhibit a practical combination of low-voltage operation and efficient color-switching, as well as long-term stability have been developed by the group of Prof. van der Boom. ... Read more
    Full Professor Milko E. Van der Boom

    Milko E. Van der Boom

    Faculty of Chemistry



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