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Metal Organic Frameworks (MOF) for Gas Adsorption

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Principal Investigator

Milko E.
Van der Boom


Organic Chemistry

Patent Status: 

Granted US 9707540; 9707540; 8722879; 8865890; 9309274; 8917539; 9685619; 9611218

Gaseous energy sources such as hydrogen and natural gas (predominantly methane) encompass an intrinsic transport problem because of their volatility and flammability. Adsorption of the gas on a solid material (such as MOF) facilitates safe, light and economical transport of the gas. This is especially significant in the huge natural gas (NG) market where solutions are required for storage and transport of the gas whether from NG reservoirs in high pressure giant tanks or as a compact low pressure NG tank for small vehicles and other NG powered devices.
The invention involves a new method for the formation of uniform metal organic frameworks (MOFs) at quantitative yields and in a controlled manner.
These MOFs can be tailored to adsorb specific gases for low pressure - high volume storage and transport applications.


  • Low pressure – high volume gas storage and transportation
  • Safe storage of toxic or otherwise dangerous gases
  • Low energy solid phase gas separation and purification
  • Production of MOF-based catalysts


  • Uniform crystallite morphology
  • A quantitative process
  • Ability to design and control product structure
  • Control of pore size
  • Single step process
  • No additives

Technology's Essence

The invention comprises a new solvothermal synthetic procedure in which specific metal ions are selected to react with specific organic ligands to form uniform sub-microstructured MOFs with a narrow size distribution and without the need for a modulator to define the crystal morphology.
Controlling the selected reagents as well as the specific reaction conditions influences the resulting crystallites formed and enables a fine selection of the desired structure.
MOFs prepared this way have exceptional uniformity profiles of size and shape and can be tailored to selectively adsorb specific gases for low pressure - high volume storage and transport applications.

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