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Yeda CEO Fund

Yeda CEO Fund

Yeda allocates limited financial support for research projects aimed at improving existing Intellectual Property (IP) or generating new IP. Yeda CEO Fund aims to support projects that are close to commercialization and due to their practical nature can not be funded by regular scientific research grants. A grant application may be initiated either by the scientist or by Yeda.


  • Project duration: up to one year. The grant is not extendable for a second year.
  • Typical grants: 10K$ to 50K$ (higher budget will be considered under special circumstances only).
  • Explanation on how to complete the budget can be found here.
  • The project cannot be funded simultaneously by other grants.
  • The fund prefers to support manpower, materials and services. The purchasing of permanent scientific equipment is not usually supported.
  • A final report should be submitted to Yeda at the end of the research period.
  • The grant amount will be reimbursed to Yeda from future commercialization income, if any. 

Applications may be submitted to Yeda's CEO at any time via internal mail or e-mail ( / The application should be concise.

To view Yeda's CEO Fund application form, please click here

To complete Yeda's CEO Fund budget form, please click here.