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Kamin fund

Israel Innovation Authority - Yeda - KAMIN–Yeda Program

An announcement on behalf of the Vice President for Technology Transfer

IIA / Israel Innovation Authority
RGP / Research Grants and Projects Office
VP-TT / Vice President for Technological Transfer


WEBSITE: Access the IMTI (TAMAT)-KAMIN website.

SCIENTIFIC AREAS: KAMIN-Yeda – A Call for Applications for a New Grant open to all faculties. The Research Proposal should be novel and focus on cutting edge applicative research (based on prior work) that may evolve into industrial R&D in Israel. Proposals should:

  • Be technologically innovative
  • Exhibit the potential to evolve into an industrial research program
  • Show commercial and economic potential
  • Display the availability of supporting infrastructure at the WIS and the dedication of the PI

For queries or problems regarding this call for applications, please contact Neta Pessah at Yeda.


  1. The research proposal has not been submitted to IIA or to Israel Ministry of Trade and Industry (TAMAT) in the past.
  2. The proposal was not and will not be funded by any other agency.
  3. The PI will undertake to stay in Israel for the duration of the research period and for one year thereafter (short- term trips are permitted).

AMOUNT: Up to 440,000 NIS per year in total, please make allowance in the amount of 40,000 NIS for patent expenses and commercial expert fees.

SUPPORT PERIOD: 1 or 2 years.


  • Full Proposal: February 23rd 2018 - to Yeda.

MODE OF APPLICATION: Proposals should be prepared using Kamin forms that can be downloaded here: Form 1Form 2Form 3 

Applications should be coordinated with, and submitted by e-mail to Yeda.

REVIEW PROCESS: The applications will be reviewed by Yeda's Kamin Committee. Applications may be amended following the feedback from the committee. The selected applications will be further reviewed by IIA examiners. Final decisions will be made by the IIA on a competitive basis.

APPROVED OVERHEAD BY FOUNDATION: 20% of direct costs. An allowance of of 40,000NIS should be for covering patent expenses and 8,000NIS for a business consultant. 

SALARIES AND WAGES: PI salaries cannot be paid from the grant. Salaries for students, post-docs, interns, technicians and staff scientists may be requested.

TOSEFET MEHKAR ALLOWANCE: This is to remind you that according to national agreements, all Academic Staff may supplement their salary by Tosafot Mehkar. The IMTI (TAMAT)-YEDA-KAMIN DOES NOT allow submission of a budget including a PI salary. Consequently, a request for approval of Tosefet Mehkar Aleph (i.e. a salary supplement which will be paid to you at the expense of the budget approved by the foundation) may NOT be submitted to this funding source. However, an approved grant from this funding source does entitle the PIs who are academic staff members to receive Tosefet Mehkar Bet (i.e. a salary supplement not at the expense of the approved budget), according to the relevant national agreements.


AUTHORIZATION: Proposals will be received by YEDA for processing only after the financial statement has been checked and approved by the projects section of the Finance Department and the Internal Form submitted.

RIGHTS LIMITATION: Please note the following excerpt taken from a letter to scientists in the Institute from the President, dated 22.1.94: "Scientists are solely responsible for evaluating all considerations pertaining to a proposed research program when submitting applications to funding bodies with which the Institute has signed standard contracts in the past. In case of doubt, all scientists are advised to solicit advise from representatives of 'Yeda' or the Vice-President for Technology Transfer".



KEYWORDS: Life Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer science, Agriculture
LAST UPDATED: 24 January 2018