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Industry Budget Preparation

Instructions for Preparing an Industry Funded Research Budget

These instructions are intended to assist Administrators and Scientists who are preparing a budget for Industry Funded Research via Yeda.
1.      General
1.1             These instructions are intended solely for Industry Research budgets that are funded via Yeda.  This file should not be used for research funded by the Chief Scientist in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor (Magnet, Magneton, Nofar).
1.2             We suggest that the budget be completed together by the Scientist and the department administrator.
1.3              When preparing the budget we ask you to only use the attached Excel file (link below). If additional rows are required, they should only be inserted in the sub-sections.
1.4             All figures should be in US$. (if the currency should not be USD please contact Yeda before preparing the budget).
1.5             After inserting all the information, please save the document on your computer before sending a copy to Yeda.
1.6             Please do not make any changes in the protected cells or in the formulas
2.      Personnel
2.1            Columns A to E:  Please insert the necessary information in accordance with the column headings (Name of Scientists/Researchers, etc).  The total salary for this budget will be calculated automatically after inserting the data in columns C, D and E.
2.2             Students and Ph.D. Students can not be included in Industry Funded Research Budgets.  Employing Post-Docs is possible, but their status at Weizmann must be changed to "Intern".  Students may be employed on an hourly basis.
3.      Consumables, Animals, Computers and Travel
3.1             Please add the amounts directly into column F.
4.      Fixed Equipment
4.1             Please insert a description of the necessary equipment in column A, and the amount in column F.
5.      Miscellaneous
5.1            In this section, you may insert items which are not covered by the previous sections. Simply add a description in column A, and the amount in column F.
6.      Weizmann Overhead, and Total
6.1             Weizmann Institute overhead is calculated as 27.5% of the total amount.  It is imposed on all sections of the budget, and is used to cover service expenses for the Weizmann Institute.  The overhead and totals are calculated automatically in the Excel file.
7.      Budget Approval
7.1             After completing the budget, you are requested to send it for approval to the WIS finance department, projects section.  The finance department will then forward the approved budget to Yeda.
Please feel free to contact Yeda at 08-9470617 if you have any further questions or inquiries.
To view Yeda's Industry Budget Preparation file, please click here.