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ColoRight, an innovative developer of optics-based technologies for the beauty industry, has created a fast, easy and fail-safe haircolor guidance system that enables both colorists and home users to achieve predictable, desirable hair coloring results.

Using advanced light spectroscopy, the ColoRight™ system assesses the composition and relative amounts of pigmentation in an individual’s hair. Computerized models determine the optimal haircolor and coloring process that will yield the desired outcome without unnecessary damage to the hair.

The innovative ColoRight technology is the only solution that effectively resolves the problem of accurate personalization of hair color and the first to yield reliable results. The platform is based on analytical methods that can easily support all current and future haircolor formulations. The technology is compatible with any existing or future smart mixing systems and with all commercial or proprietary haircolors.

L’Oréal has acquired Coloright and announced it will be a part of L’Oréal’s international Research and Innovation network

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